About Me

Travelling and discovering new worlds is not necessarily linked with travelling large distances. Particularly in our immediate environment, the world manifests itself with a new face time and again if you really watch consciously.

The contact with the most different strange cultures has changed my view of my environment at home and made me really love it: my Romance and Slavonic studies, my years spent in Spain with my job in the tourism industry as well as numerous travels, both private and for business as an event manager, have taken me to many countries and continents, including Mexico, South Africa, Thailand and the Sahara.

All the experience gained there, and not least my pilgrimage on the St. James Way in Spain, have nurtured my wish to open other people’s eyes to my home country, for the historical and cultural backgrounds and much more beyond it. I have gained the necessary knowledge through my training to become a city guide and through my personal excitement for the historical backgrounds of Munich.

Together with the knowledge gained as an event manager, which I acquired during many years of professional experience, you will find in me the Munich expert who has the key to open many doors in Munich for you when it comes to history, entertainment or nature.

Whether you want to get to know the most hidden spots of Munich’s old town or hike 23 kilometres along Munich’s St. James Way to learn what it is like to be a pilgrim, I’m up for it. I can also help you to find the ideal location for your event or to organize the perfect program of activities for you guests.

It is a pleasure for me to provide my services for international guests in English or Spanish as well.


Please do not hesitate to contact me.

I will draft my services on offer exactly according to your wishes and needs and I am pleased to open up Munich’s world for you – munimondo.