Do you already know the Bavarian part of the St. James Way? Have you had the chance to discover the wonderful nature of the Würm Valley yet? Or do you have a particular wish to get to know the culture of an area while hiking? With me, you discover the culture and nature in the surroundings of Munich. In addition to the hikes listed below, I also provide you with tours designed according to your wishes.

A Pilgrimage on Munich’s St. James Way

There are numerous reports about pilgrims and their experiences on the St. James Way, not only about the main route in Spain, but also about the many side routes. But what is it like to go on a pilgrimage? Experience a day as a pilgrim yourself and come with me on a hike of the first stage of Munich’s St. James Way. Maybe you will also be captivated by the meditative power of walking.

Route 1: Munich - Isar Valley - Pullach - Schäftlarn (23 km) Starting at St. Jacobs Square in the centre of Munich, the hike takes us along the beautiful Isar Valley via Großhesselohe and Pullach to Schäftlarn. During short breaks, you will learn more about the history of the St. James Way and pilgrimages as well as about the sights we pass on our way.

Route 2: Starnberg - Maising Gorge - Andechs - Herrsching (19 km) From the train station of Starnberg the hike leads us through the wild and romantic Maising Gorge to the Maising Lake. We pass the lake and hike through the changing landscape and small villages to Andechs. After a short visit to the Monastery, we walk the last kilometre through the wonderful Kien Valley to Herrsching.

Route 3: Dachau - Amperauen - Olching - Fürstenfeldbruck (23 km) After visiting the beautiful old town of Dachau and the Jakobs Church, we continue our hike through the green plains of the Amper River in the direction of Olching. From there, our path leads us through the Emmeringer Hölzl Wood to Fürstenfeldbruck with its impressive monastery.

Isar River – Munich’s Source of Life (approx. 2 hours)

During a walk through the wonderful flora and fauna of the Isar river bank you get to know more about the significance of the Isar River for the people back then and nowadays. Discover the history of a life at the edge of the wild river.

Würm River – The River of the Kings and Peasants (approx. 3 hours)

The Würm River played an important role both in the history of Munich’s rulers and in the life of the citizens and peasants. Castles and fortresses alternate with mills. Enjoy the nativeness of the Würm Valley which is still preserved in part during this hike.

Royal Starnberg Lake (approx. 6 hours)

The Starnberg Lake has a very special relationship with the fairy-tale king Ludwig II, and this tour picks exactly those places at the Starnberg Lake that tell his story. It’s the history of a king who was never understood and who felt great love for very special places. Maybe we will to find out that he wasn’t as mad as is usually claimed…